2024 Greater Flint Youth Hall of Fame To Induct 3 New Members on May 29th

The Greater Flint Youth Hall of Fame will induct 3 new members on Wednesday, May 29th at the annual Youth Banquet that will be held at the UAW 659 hall on Robert T Longway Boulevard. The 3 new inductees will bring the total number of youth bowlers in the hall of fame to 47, scroll to the bottom of this post to see a listing of all of them since 2010.

The 3 new inductees this year are Natalie Collins from Flushing, Howard Hammond from Kearsley and Ava Boggs from Kearsley. All 3 will receive $250 scholarships that will be available in their SMART accounts in August. Check the write ups for each new inductee below.

Natalie Collins – Flushing

Natalie Collins is a former Flushing bowler who has a 300 game to her credit with a high series of 674. She is a current Kettering University student who has continued to give back to the sport by assisting coaching the Flushing varsity girls team the last 2 years and she continues to help run tournaments and help with the middle school program when she can for Flushing. Congratulations Natalie!

Howard Hammond

Howie Hammond is a former Kearsley bowler who has a high average of 241 and (2) 300 games to his credit. His high series is a 815. Howie finished in the top 8 in the state in the MHSAA singles events as a Sophomore and a Junior and finished in the final 4 in the MHSAA singles event as a Senior. He helped lead the Kearsley boy’s team to a state team championship in 2023 as a senior and was named to the High School Bowling Dream Team. Howie currently is attending Cleary University on a bowling scholarship. Congratulations Howie!

Ava Boggs

Ava Boggs is a Kearsley Senior who has a 300 game to her credit and a career high average of 200. Ava helped lead the Kearsley girls to the 2024 MHSAA state team championship and she finished in the final 4 of the singles event of the 2024 MHSAA state finals. She also was a part of the Kearsley varsity girl’s team that won the 2022 MHSAA state championship. She has been named academic all state the last 2 years and won the Regional singles titles the last 2 years in a row. Ava was 2nd Team All State in 2023 and 1st Team All State in 2024. Congratulations Ava!

A listing of all Greater Flint Youth Hall of Fame Members

1 Anderson Matthew 2010
2 Harger Tony 2010
3 Sutherland Nicolas 2010
4 Brown Erin 2011
5 Greene Tylor 2011
6 Haggerty Anna 2011
7 Hoover Chad 2011
8 Burnett Quinton 2012
9 Gerlach Natalie 2012
10 Hoover Joey 2012
11 Teuber Andrea 2011
12 Ploof Lindsey 2012
13 Whitham Briana 2013
14 Fisackerly Scott 2014
15 Gerding Allison 2014
16 Greene Brooklyn 2015
17 Iversen Becca 2014
18 Emmendorfer Kayla 2015
19 MacDonald Teagan 2015
20 Ploof Hannah 2016
21 Anderson Andrew 2016
22 Richard Brandon 2016
23 McGrath Kyle 2016
24 Davis Taylor 2017
25 Wood Brooke 2017
26 Nunn Jordan 2017
27 Tubbs Kailee 2017
28 Adams Brendan 2018
29 Hibbs Chyanne 2018
30 Roof Ben 2018
31 Adams DeQuincy 2019
32 Hawes Barbara 2019
33 McArthur Dillon 2019
34 Gipson Bailey 2019
35 Schihl Justice 2020
36 Kreiner Brandon 2020
37 Roof Alexis 2020
38 Timm Samantha 2021
39 Robbins Allison 2021
40 Fisackerly Aidan 2022
41 Timm Megan 2022
42 Fletcher Hunter 2023
43 Johnson Kalee 2023
44 Siekierski Emma 2023
45 Boggs Ava 2024
46 Collins Natalie 2024
47 Hammond Howard 2024

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